Do You Want Green Energy? Then You Should Be Backing These Alaska Projects!

Do You Want Green Energy?  Then You Should Be Backing These Alaska Projects!

April 2, 2020

With oil prices half of what they were a month ago and worldwide oil consumption down as much as 90 percent, there are calls for the US to move forward with more green energy projects.

Power The Future’s mission is to support energy workers across the US, and green projects that add to the US economy and employ additional men and women should be encouraged.

However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out the hypocrisy of eco-extremists across the globe, whose goal is to implement job-killing, ‘Green New Deal’-type programs.  These radicals view energy creation and extractive industries as ‘enemies’ and do everything they can to thwart their development.

Nowhere is that more evident than in Alaska, where two projects that could help grow green technology are relentlessly attacked by the eco-Left.  Their names are familiar to Alaskans, and each would bring to market materials needed for green technologies. 

It is time for the extremists to stop fighting against Pebble and its world-class copper deposit, since copper faces a worldwide shortage by 2025, and the Pebble EIS says there will be little-to-no possible damage to the Bristol Bay fishery.

It is also time to advance the Upper Kobuk Mineral Projects within the Ambler Mining District.  Activists became unhinged upon hearing that the State of Alaska has begun to move ahead with a road to connect the Dalton Highway with the extraction area.  That opposition should cease immediately, as the Bornite and Arctic deposits hold world-class copper and rare earth elements necessary for the growth of the green energy movement.

These projects will bring thousands of jobs to Alaska while providing exceptional levels of royalties and other payments to the State.  We applaud the men and women working to advance these projects.  They’ll have a tremendous impact on Alaska’s job market in due time.