Denver Post Blasts Prop 112, Why Won’t Jared Polis?

Denver Post Blasts Prop 112, Why Won’t Jared Polis?

October 12, 2018

At Power The Future, we’ve watched politics long enough to know, when something doesn’t add up…follow the money.

So when Colorado Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis’ stance on Proposition 112 didn’t make sense, we started digging. You see, Polis has been suspiciously quiet in his opposition to the hotly-contested issue, which increases the setbacks for oil and gas and would devastate the state’s thriving industry.

The state’s Oil & Gas Conservation Commission reports that the setback would make over 54 percent of the state’s land off-limits to new drilling and would prevent new wells from opening in 85 percent of non-federal land in the state.

While Polis has technically spoken out against Proposition 112, his opposition has been extremely timid. Countless jobs are at stake, and hardly a peep from Polis?

Well, today the Denver Post weighed in with an unequivocal editorial titled, “Vote no on Proposition 112 because it’s a ban on oil and gas.” The left-leaning paper says, “we’re simply not willing to risk losing such a big part of Colorado’s economy.”

Here here to that.

Polis, on the other hand, has been squishier than a jelly-filled donut. What gives?

Oh right…the money!

Turns out one of Polis’ key donors, billionaire Tom Steyer, is an environmental extremist hell-bent on destroying the oil and gas