Democrats Stall Coronavirus Relief Package with Unrelated Environmental Provisions

Democrats Stall Coronavirus Relief Package with Unrelated Environmental Provisions

March 24, 2020

Senate Democrats continue to stall the coronavirus-spurred stimulus bill by demanding their parties’ unrelated priorities, like green energy provisions, be included in the relief package.

According to the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board:

Democrats on Capitol Hill are seizing on the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to force through their own longstanding and unrelated legislative priorities. Conservatives shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for our principles. To us, this crisis demonstrates that government is too big and unfocused. We want it to function well at its core responsibilities.

Liberals seem determined to repeat their mistakes. Some Democrats are insisting airline assistance be accompanied by carbon offsets and other actions to address climate change. Pursuing unrelated political goals will both delay and weaken necessary interventions and dissipate the public’s trust that the government takes the pandemic seriously.

In the above tweet, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) shares his frustrations with the eco-left stalling relief to the American people during these troubling times in order to push their green agenda. Power the Future concurs with the Congressman’s statement.

It’s time for the left to put their war on fossil fuels to the side and focus on the real crises at hand. They should put their energy into finding common ground with lawmakers on the other side of the aisle and coming to an agreement on a package, in order to bring relief and confidence in our government back to Americans struggling during this time.