Delay & Obstruct…Team Biden’s Energy Strategy in Alaska

Delay & Obstruct…Team Biden’s Energy Strategy in Alaska

May 12, 2023

Since taking office the Biden Administration has done everything it can to thwart Alaska’s energy future.  On day one of his presidency, he issued an executive order halting activities related to the safe and responsible development of the Coastal Plain (10-02 area) of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) on Alaska’s North Slope. 

As a result, that area which is specifically designated by Congress decades ago for development of domestic oil and gas, continues to be in limbo.  The Department of Interior had originally set a deadline of mid-2022 for a draft supplemental environmental impact statement that would be followed by a final record of decision in early, 2023. 

However, as Team Biden has done time and time again, the deadline came and went with no action taken. This does nothing more than leaving leaseholders in limbo and America’s oil and gas supplies in deficit.

Now, according to an article in Petroleum News, the impact statement will be published in late third quarter of this year with a final record of decision coming sometime in 2024.

Americans of all stripes are realizing Biden’s four-year term will  yield little more than a weakened nation, one would think he would want to shore up support among the unions and trade associations that would have benefitted from ANWR’s construction and development.  Apparently, the radical environmentalist movement means more to Biden than the jobs, revenues and national security that would be gained by the project.

Power The Future will continue to point out the benefits of ANWR, along with the damage being done to Alaska and America as a whole by Biden’s inaction, obstruction and delay tactics.