Deafening Silence

Deafening Silence

October 4, 2019

A woman at one of Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez’s rallies went viral for standing up and telling the socialist Congresswoman that the only way to save the planet was to begin eating our children. 

The Washington Examiner reports:

“We’re not going to be here for much longer, because of the climate crisis,” the woman pleaded. “We only have a few months left. I love that you support the Green Deal, but it’s not gonna get rid of fossil fuel. It’s not going to solve the problem fast enough. A Swedish professor said we can eat dead people, but it’s not fast enough! So, I think your next campaign slogan needs to be this: We’ve got to start eating babies.”

“All of you!” she went on, turning to those around her, “You’re a pollutant! Too much Co2. We have to start now. Please — you are so great. I’m so happy that you are supporting a Green New Deal, but it’s not enough. Even if we were to bomb Russia, it’s not enough. There’s too many people, too much pollution. So, we have to get rid of the babies. That’s a big problem. Just stopping having babies just isn’t enough. We need to eat the babies. This is very serious. Please give a response.”

The left claims the woman was a plant, but even if she was, how does AOC or her fans not say “ok, I understand your passion, but we need to keep this conversation civil and sane.”

When Trump rally fans said “Send her back” about Ilhan Omar, he was blamed for not calling them out and shutting it down.  How is she not blamed for doing the same?

The left has an odd comfort level with radical environmental ideas.  No meat. (silence).  No car (silence).  Population control (silence).  Eat the babies (silence).  When is too much, too much?