Day Two: 12 Days of Biden’s War on American Energy

Day Two: 12 Days of Biden’s War on American Energy

December 12, 2023

Day two of Biden’s war on energy brings us one of the most entertaining gifts of the year: failed EV propaganda road trips. This year, journalists and even the Energy Secretary herself tried to show America how reliable EVs are, but they were in for a rude awakening about electric vehicles (EV) that exposed their false talking points.

In the summer, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm took a road trip across the Southeast aimed to showcase the advantages of electric vehicles. However, the journey exposed significant hurdles with a family calling the police on Granholm’s staff for reserving a charging station for her with a gasoline-powered car, highlighting the unpreparedness of the U.S. for a widespread shift to EVs.

Real-world experiences, as detailed in a recent Wall Street Journal report on a New York Times reporter’s challenging road trip, further question the readiness of electric cars for prime time. Industry slowdowns, such as General Motors delaying an electric-pickup-truck factory opening and Ford considering production shifts for the electric F-150 Lightning, indicate waning enthusiasm in the EV market.

These failed road trips show how unrealistic it is to switch to electric vehicles in the next ten years. The cost and insufficient charging stations are the two main reasons for not wanting to buy an EV. According to Kelley Blue Book, the average price of an electric vehicle was $61,488 in 2022. Hopefully, this road trip disaster is a gift that wakes the Biden administration up to the reality of electric cars.