Day Four: 12 Days of Biden’s War on American Energy

Day Four: 12 Days of Biden’s War on American Energy

December 14, 2023

During the holidays we often see car commercials with giant red bows. If the Biden administration had their way, each car would be an electric vehicle and don a giant green bow. Since President Biden took office, his administration has been pushing electric vehicles down the throats of the American people. 

In 2023 Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed strict new vehicle admission standards. The new ruling would force electric vehicles (EVs) to make up at least 54% of new car sales by 2030 and 66% by 2032.

Despite massive tax breaks and flattering coverage in the media, EVs simply cannot compete in the free market. Just this week it was announced that Ford Motor will cut planned production of its all-electric F-150 Lightning pickup roughly in half next year.

American families have a right to choose what car is best for their families. If Joe Biden is going to force Americans to give up their preferred mode of transportation, Congress should mandate the White House and every member of the Biden Administration drive EVs exclusively and immediately.