D.C. Follows California for Electric Vehicle Mandate

D.C. Follows California for Electric Vehicle Mandate

January 9, 2024

In the past few months, we have seen Congress show bipartisan opposition to Biden’s electric vehicle (EV) mandates, and auto dealers from across the country ask for EV mandates to slow down. But the eco-left bureaucrats keep forcing mandates onto constituents. Washington, D.C., just announced the city will adopt the California Advanced Clean Cars II Rule.

Fox News reports,

“The Washington, D.C., Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) announced late last week that it had formally adopted the so-called Advanced Clean Cars II Rule crafted by California’s state government. Under the regulations, automakers will be required to only sell zero-emissions vehicles beginning in 2035 in an effort to curb carbon emissions and fight global warming.”

D.C. joins 17 other states that have adopted the California rule.

“However, Critics of aggressive EV requirements have warned that the U.S. power grid is currently unequipped to handle the significantly increased demand and load that would be generated by widespread EV adoption. They have also argued that power outages, triggered by both storms and low supplies, could render large swaths of an electrified transportation sector useless.”

We have often said that no one should be forcing EVs onto the American people. If the product was reliable and affordable, people would naturally want them. But EVs are known for being unreliable and unaffordable, so the eco-left must mandate them, and American families will pay the price.