Cuomo’s Conundrum

Cuomo’s Conundrum

June 29, 2018

Governor Cuomo embraces the rhetoric and actions of the environmental left. He ceremoniously lead the charge to ban fracking state-wide; meanwhile neighboring Pennsylvania has seen a surge in economic development and prosperity. Utility bills for the citizens of Pennsylvania have dropped nearly 40%. New York, though rich in natural resources, has been in economic stagnation. We documented this on our site. Allegany County lays in an economic depression while Pennsylvania drinks its milkshake.

So imagine our surprise when this green champion walked back a pledge to not take money from the fossil fuel industry.

Imagine our surprise, too, that members of the fossil fuel industry donated to Cuomo. Did they lose a bet?

Looks like the Governor wants it both ways. On the one hand, he wants the praise of the green community, but on the other he is willing to take cash from the energy industry. Such an energy double standard is not new for Cuomo. Though he’s been critical of fossil fuels, he has a documented love of using planes and helicopters for his personal travel needs.

Power The Future doesn’t knock the Governor’s need to fund his reelection campaign. We just wish he would use his office to help the men and women in his state who could find jobs and prosperity if he’d only stop catering to fringe environmentalists. New York sits on great natural resources and has the manpower ready to develop them. Too bad its Governor just flies by.