COVID Recovery, Pipe Dreams, Wasted Money, and Wind Towers

COVID Recovery, Pipe Dreams, Wasted Money, and Wind Towers

June 5, 2020

As the United States begins another month under gradually easing pandemic restrictions, the eco-left continues to exploit the crisis for their own nefarious agenda. What better time to impose policies with incalculable costs and unproven results than this historic period of contagion, unemployment, and economic inactivity?

Instead of dismantling our fossil fuel industries and crossing our fingers, the focus should center on balancing the dynamic, symbiotic relationship between our economy and the Earth’s climate. With a strong economy, the country is more capable of mitigating environmental concerns and protecting its citizens. Even with the unprecedented shutdown of the economic and transportation sectors, there have been only minor changes in atmospheric CO2 levels.

Despite this, environmental radicals still demand a complete overhaul of the country’s infrastructure, no matter the costs. In an article for Real Clear Energy, former Wisconsin State Senator, Frank Lasee, describes the madness behind this anticipated energy revolution.

But according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, all the energy used in the U.S. in 2019, only 3.6 percent came from wind and solar. Fossil fuels accounted for 80 percent… At best, wind and solar are only 20-40 percent efficient – and that is when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining.

Destroying the economy and fabric of our country in favor of less reliable, less efficient alternatives is the height of delusion. Moreover, Americans should not incur the penalties from these policies when China’s carbon footprint is far greater.

The mindless push to implement the progressive energy agenda not only threatens the livelihood of every American family, but a fundamental pillar of American global influence: energy independence.

Lasse explains, “Abundant, reliable, reasonably priced, on-demand energy is a cornerstone of the US and world’s economic success. Without this, food will not be planted, or harvested, processed, and shipped to where people live. How would regular families be forced to adjust?

As we have seen in the past, without the support of factual evidence, the eco-left and their elite benefactors resort to scare-tactics; the drastic sea-level rise, apocalyptic natural disasters, and famine have been promised for decades. We will continue to wait. This country cannot allow the predictions from imperfect, selective data to dictate our national policy and interests.