Coming Soon: “Congressional Conversations” with Alaska’s U.S. House Candidates

Coming Soon: “Congressional Conversations” with Alaska’s U.S. House Candidates

September 23, 2022

With just over six weeks to go until election day, races across the country are heating up.  In Alaska, the Congressional race has the state entranced, as the result could be a deciding factor in who controls the U.S. House for the next two years.

Back in August, the special election to fill the huge shoes of the late Congressman Don Young was the first under Alaska’s ranked-choice voting system, and most would agree the result – 60% of voters choosing a Republican candidate but a Democrat winning the temporary Congressional seat – showed the uncertainty and chaos associated with ranked-choice.

Power The Future’s Alaska State Director, Rick Whitbeck, had a chance to meet and talk with each of the final four candidates for the full, two-year Congressional seat this week.  The videotaped, sit-down interviews with Sarah Palin, Chris Bye and Nick Begich, coupled with a Zoom discussion with Congresswoman Mary Peltola, focused on energy, responsible development and helping Alaska continue to drive and strengthen its resource-based economy.

Watch for the announcement of the release of those interviews in the next week or so.  We appreciate each of the four candidates for taking the time to have these conversations with Rick.