Colorado Should Know The Truth

Colorado Should Know The Truth

October 29, 2018

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is meeting this week as the fate of countless energy jobs are on the chopping block.

The meeting is already drawing attention (and protesters) because of the disastrous Proposition 112, which is so bad it has now earned national media attention. In fact, The Hill published a story highlighting the problems with the policy:

“[Proposition 112] would put as much as 95 percent of the state off-limits to drilling, according to industry estimates. That’s a big deal in the state that ranks No. 6 in the country in both oil and natural gas production, and it’s why the proposal is opposed by the oil industry, Republicans and even some of the state’s high-profile Democrats: gubernatorial candidate Rep. Jared Polis, Gov. John Hickenlooper and former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.”

Now don’t let Polis’ opposition to the measure lead you astray. Polis is gung-ho to destroy the energy industry. He has committed to making Colorado 100 percent renewable by 2040 which would wipe out the livelihood of countless Colorado residents.

But Polis is a politician, and he knows he has to throw energy workers a bone heading into the election. So Polis is opposing Proposition 112 to give him political cover while planning to cut energy workers out of the state’s economic will.

If you want more evidence, look no further than the Sierra Club, the far-left environmentalist group that has endorsed Polis. If Polis was such a friend to the energy industry, why would the Sierra Club endorse him?

Because they know the truth.

And the rest of Colorado should too.