Climate Protestors Turn on Their Own

Climate Protestors Turn on Their Own

February 13, 2024

Yesterday, 21 climate protestors from the eco-left organization Sunrise Movement were arrested outside of President Biden’s campaign headquarters in Delaware. The protestors threatened to stay home in November if Biden did not declare a climate emergency.

Fox News reports,

“A group of youth climate activists were arrested Monday for blocking the entrance to President Biden’s campaign headquarters in Delaware while demanding his administration “end the era of fossil fuels.” According to the left-wing climate group Sunrise Movement, 21 of its members were arrested and roughly 80 others were involved in the protest in Wilmington, Delaware, on Monday. The activists warned that, if Biden failed to take definitive action combating climate change, millions of young voters would stay home in November.”

Climate protests have become increasingly intense over the past couple of years. Now, they are throwing a temper tantrum to persuade Biden to declare a climate emergency.

“In addition, the Sunrise Movement broadly opposes all oil, gas and coal development, calling instead for an aggressive nationwide transition to green energy sources like wind and solar. Currently, fossil fuels generate the majority of domestic electricity and support both the transportation and manufacturing sectors in America, according to federal data.”

The irony of all this is that these protests would not be possible without fossil fuels. From the water bottles they bring to the cell phones used to capture their outlandish behavior, fossil fuels touch every part of their lives.