Chugach Electric Board Flips!  Rational Directors Now in Charge

Chugach Electric Board Flips!  Rational Directors Now in Charge

May 22, 2024

With the radicalization of America’s energy system by ENGOs and ideologues an ongoing issue, utility boards have become a relatively new battleground.  Thankfully, people are waking up to their importance, and voting in numbers not historically seen in utility elections.

Last Friday night saw a fundamental shift in the ideology of Alaska’s largest electric utility.  After a month-long election process, ratepayers won, as the current board chair of Chugach Electric was bounced from his seat. 

The new board member, Dan Rogers, has a background in power generation, and is a former Chugach Electric employee.  His knowledge of energy, coupled with a background as a small business owner, is in stark contrast to the director he’ll soon replace on the board.

With pro-ratepayer directors now holding a 4:3 majority, expect Chugach to resist the decarbonization push many groups, including The Alaska Center, REAP (Renewable Energy Alaska Project) are pitching.  The current makeup of the board passed a “renewable portfolio standard” resolution of support; we’ll see if the new majority peels that back.