Challenges Aside, Alaska’s Federal Candidates Express Optimism

Challenges Aside, Alaska’s Federal Candidates Express Optimism

September 29, 2022

This week, the Alaska Support Industry Alliance – through its Alaska Headlamp blog and website – asked candidates running for U.S. Senate and Congress to provide their thoughts on their views on energy and resource development.

Their thoughts to-date have been what we’d expect, because it is what we believe as well:

  • Alaska has a bright energy future, with world-class deposits of oil, gas and minerals underneath our state’s surface;
  • Alaska’s world-class development, driven by a balance between environmental stewardship and responsible development, should be a world-emulated blueprint;
  • If the world is looking to decrease its carbon footprint and develop alternate sources of energy, Alaska should be at the forefront of providing domestic supply-chains for many critical and strategic minerals.

We invite you to explore the candidates’ thoughts on Headlamp, and do what you can to support those who will aggressively stand up to the ideologue-funded politicians and the zealous, anti-American efforts of the environmental organizations who believe America’s best days are behind us. 

And – above all – support pro-energy, pro-jobs, pro-America and Alaska candidates at the ballot box on November 8th.