CBS News Pushes Overpopulation Doomsday Narrative Instead of Focusing on Real Energy Solutions

CBS News Pushes Overpopulation Doomsday Narrative Instead of Focusing on Real Energy Solutions

January 4, 2023

On New Year’s Day, the CBS News program 60 Minutes ran an extended segment pushing the narrative the world is over populated with humanity and climate change will result in mass extinction. PTF Communications Director Larry Behrens took CBS to task in a new op-ed in the Daily Wire

Behrens writes, “CBS News felt the best way to start of 2023 was a story on overpopulation featuring Stanford Biologist Paul Ehrlich as the centerpiece voice. Ehrlich is best known for two things:  as the author of The Population Bomb, published nearly 55 years ago. And second, for making a catastrophically wrong prediction in that same book. If you’re like me and born in the 1970s, go ahead and thank your parents for ignoring Ehrlich.”

Behrens continues to point out that these doomsday prophecies go hand-in-hand with the policies coming from the White House. “Unfortunately for all of us, the Biden Administration and their allies in Congress are listening to this alarmism. Perhaps when your record of failure is as bad as Biden’s, you can look past the failed prediction doomsday professors. Inside one of the many versions of the recently passed $1.7 trillion government spending bill was over half a billion dollars in funding for ‘family planning services’ in areas where population growth ‘threatens biodiversity.’ Conveniently, and no doubt coincidentally, 60 Minuets trotted out Ehrlich and the overpopulation team just three days after Biden signed the spending package.”

The experts at CBS used the news piece to promote the idea of keeping people’s land “wild” and even not farming. Which would certainly result in food shortages. Behrens also points out that the Biden administration has pushed its “30 by 30” plan with a goal of having the government control 30 percent of America’s land and water by the year 2030. 

He concludes his op-ed by writing, “The disruption heading our way from these ideas is substantial and the Biden Administration is the tip of the problem. It appears they’re all adopting a new mantra: Never let a doomsday go to waste.”

These debunked predictions will continue. Unless there is an about-face from the White House, so will the punishing energy and land-use policies coming from Washington.