California Proposes Ban on Fracking by 2027

California Proposes Ban on Fracking by 2027

February 18, 2021

It is no surprise the eco-left’s influence is deep in California; the state has been a constant leader on radical progressive policies. However, you would think they would learn their lesson following the rolling blackouts that swept the state this summer that renewable energy is not reliable. 

Yet, the most populated state in the country is still set on the goal to rely entirely on renewable energy by 2045.

The Associated Press reports:

Last year, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom announced steps to ban the sale of new gas-powered cars and called on lawmakers to go further by banning new permits for fracking, a technique to extract oil and gas embedded in rock deep beneath the surface that climate groups say harms the environment and threatens public health.

Two state senators answered that call Wednesday, announcing a measure that would halt new fracking permits or renewals by Jan. 1 and ban the practice altogether by 2027. Democratic state Sens. Scott Wiener of San Francisco and Monique Limon of Santa Barbara also say they will change the bill next month to halt new oil and gas permits within 2,500 feet (762 meters) of homes or schools by Jan. 1.

It is dumbfounding, especially in light of the energy shortages in Texas and other states across the country this week, that California would introduce new legislation that would ban all fracking in the state by 2027.

Lawmakers are currently examining the country’s power grid on how to provide reliable energy to American households, after the shortages that have left homes without heat in freezing weather this week. And California in response doubles down on relying entirely on renewable energy that has proven to be unreliable.

This legislation will lead to higher energy bills, more energy shortages, and eliminate an entire industry in the state that provides American energy jobs and state revenue.

Republican Assemblyman Vince Fong, who represents Kern County said, “At a time like now, when we need to be revitalizing our economy, I don’t quite understand why we would be pushing legislation that eliminates jobs in our state.”