California Leaders Push Green Energy as the Grid Starts to Collapse

California Leaders Push Green Energy as the Grid Starts to Collapse

February 16, 2023

California continues to face the risk of blackouts thanks to the ridiculous measures eco-left state leaders are pushing to switch to renewable energy sources.

Fox News reports,

“The state’s grid, which is still mainly powered by fossil fuels, is undergoing a major shift from natural gas and coal power to renewable power like wind and solar. Simultaneously, state officials are pushing an electrification of the economy, particularly in the transportation sector through electric vehicle mandates, which is expected to increase pressure on the grid.”

Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions and oil usage by deploying more solar and wind capacity over the next two decades. The aggressive state plan even includes banning the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035. But, as we know, green energy is unreliable and often will not provide consistent power. 

‘Environmental mandates implemented by Newsom and his administration have already created instability in the grid, an issue they argued would only get worse as existing fossil fuel power generation capacity was taken offline and replaced by intermittent sources. “They’re going to have to build an outrageous amount of wind and solar in a very short time if they want to accomplish their objectives of electrifying — our whole transportation sector and our whole home heating and cooling and residential sector… There’s a burden to the consumer that’s going to get very heavy, even if they can pull it off without blackouts, the burden to the consumer is going to be ridiculous.” Edward Ring, a senior fellow with and co-founder of the California Policy Center, told Fox News Digital in an interview.’

We have seen this story time and time again, but unfortunately, California’s leaders continue to force unreliable and expensive energy on their constituents. It is time for them to wake up and understand the severe consequences of their actions.