California Emissions Program is Hiding a Costly Secret

California Emissions Program is Hiding a Costly Secret

May 16, 2024

Currently, Californians pay the highest gas prices, with the average cost at $5.26,  well over the national average of $3.60. Even with the high gas prices, Californians could feel as much as a 50-cent increase within the next two years thanks to a longstanding but not well-known emissions reduction program.

Fox Business reports,

“In September, the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the state’s primary environmental regulator, reported gas prices will rise next year by about 50 cents a gallon and every year thereafter to aid in clean air efforts. The price increase does not include the existing gas tax in the state.”

Surrounding states will feel the impact as well. Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo recently sent a letter  to Gov. Newsom asking him to consider to full impact of this program,

“As you know, both of our states have gas prices far above the national average for a variety of factors, including regulatory burdens, taxes and pipeline accessibility,” Lombardo wrote in a letter addressed to Gov. Gavin Newsom. “Since 88% of Nevada’s fuels are delivered via pipeline and truck from refineries in California, it’s no surprise that California’s fuel policies significantly impact the costs and availability of fuel for Nevada’s residents and businesses.”

This is the future the eco-left wants. Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm even praised California’s policies  in 2022, stating, “The whole country looks to what California is doing.”  California continues to show off power failures that should be shunned, but instead, President Biden and his administration want to export them to every state. This is a good reminder that this November, Energy Is On The Ballot