California Does it Again….

California Does it Again….

February 27, 2024

The Golden State is known for proposing environmental regulations with no regard for the people who live in the state. The most recent proposal could have Californians paying close to 50 cents more per gallon prices at the pump across the state.

Daily Caller reports, 

“California, which currently has the highest average per-gallon gasoline price of any continental state, is considering rewriting its low-carbon fuel standards to better pursue the state’s aggressive long-term climate targets, according to E&E News. The proposed change could increase average prices at the pump in California by 47 cents in 2025, a jump that could then reach 52 cents the following year, according to analysis published by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).”

According to AAA, California gas prices are $4.65 per gallon. Over the past three years, Americans have dealt with record-high inflation and gas prices. This proposal does not help the people of California but the eco-left,

“Currently, the state is tied to a 20% cut in allowable carbon emissions relative to 2010 levels by 2030, and the proposal being considered would strengthen that reduction to 30%, according to E&E News. The proposal also calls for a 90% reduction by 2045, a threshold which CARB projects could add $1.83 to the price of each gallon of gas sold at the pump in the state. The policy could increase diesel fuel’s per-gallon price by 59 cents next year and by $2.40 come 2041, while jet fuel could jump by 44 cents per-gallon next year and by $1.94 by 2041, according to E&E News.”

California is the poster child of the green movement, and the state’s struggling families are paying the price. This latest proposal is just another example of how out of touch California lawmakers are with reality.