California City to Ban New Gas Stations

California City to Ban New Gas Stations

March 12, 2021

Last week, California’s San Francisco Bay Area’s city council voted unanimously to ban the development of new gas stations and the expansion of existing gas stations. California is known for its radical left ideas, and this is a sign of the state carrying out Governor Newsom’s ban on gas-fueled cars by 2035 this past September.

Council member D’Lynda Fischer who led the work on this resolution justifies this decision stating, “This is a way to address the fact that this is where our future is going.”

It is no surprise this idea is being met with some criticism. E&E News reports the American Petroleum Institute’s reaction:

Ron Chittim, API’s vice president of downstream policy, said the ban would “do a disservice to consumers” by forcing them to travel farther to refuel, and cited U.S. Energy Information Administration projections that gas and diesel demand would continue “for decades to come.”

Just like Newsom’s gas-fueled car ban, this move by the eco-left is not feasible and doesn’t account for the negative impact this would have on residents. California remains one of the most expensive places to live and continues to create more obstacles for lower-income families to reside in the state. It is crucial for people to have access to fuel so they can travel to work, school, etc.; especially when not every person can afford to get an expensive new electric vehicle to carry on as usual. This new resolution is a mistake and hopefully stops with San Francisco.