Build it Already! Local Governments Weigh In with Support for Ambler Access Project

Build it Already!  Local Governments Weigh In with Support for Ambler Access Project

April 20, 2023

When the Biden Administration talks about transitioning to ‘green’ energy, it consistently notes that the U.S. must find domestic supplies of critical and strategic minerals.

It needs only to look “North to Alaska” for a mining district rich in supplies, already approved through the NEPA process, and with broad support.

The Ambler district requires a 211-mile road to access the mineral riches, and even though the project’s environmental review was approved in 2020, it has been put on ice by Team Biden, citing environmental and indigenous group input in the initial review.

So this week’s notice that the North Slope and Northwest Arctic Boroughs – two local government organizations and key stakeholders in the project – had inked a joint resolution supporting the road and project. 

Per Mining News North, the boroughs, which represent a combined 19 Alaska Native communities across 135,500 square miles of Alaska’s northernmost reaches, contend that responsible development can go hand-in-hand with protection of subsistence culture and resources.

When the Biden Administration decides it is actually ready to put some ‘walk behind their talk’ on creating domestic supply chains for critical and strategic minerals, projects like Ambler need to be fast-tracked, especially with its clean environmental permitting report.  It is good to see the widespread support for this critical project; let’s hope the Department of Interior takes its foot off of Ambler’s throat soon, and allows the jobs, revenues and responsible development to occur sooner rather than later.