Breaking News: July is a Hot Month

Breaking News: July is a Hot Month

July 26, 2023

As most Americans know, July is a summer month, leading to higher temperatures and the feeling of being hot. Failed presidential candidate Hilary Clinton has somehow forgotten this concept. Clinton Tweeted yesterday, “Hot enough for you? Thank a MAGA Republican. Or better yet, vote them out of office.” This tweet captured the attention of both sides, but one thing is sure we have no way of knowing if this is truly the hottest summer ever.

The Daily Caller reports on the hypocrisy surrounding higher temperatures,

“Let’s break the science on this down first. Has it been the hottest summer ever? We have no idea, and it is really embarrassing for Clinton to assume that we do. Gathering long-term climate data is extremely complicated. Not only do scientists have to ensure that existing infrastructure and development don’t warp results, but a majority of the technology we use to track weather and climate today didn’t exist even ten or fifteen years ago.”

Power The Future Founder Daniel Turner has wise words for the eco-left worried about hot temperatures during the summer,

“While facts may not matter in the private jet world occupied by Hillary Clinton, Americans know that it gets hot in July. This is nothing more than a washed-up politician trying to remain relevant while Joe Biden, her choice for President, erodes our energy foundation on a daily basis. Americans rejected Hillary, the Green New Deal, and Joe Biden’s radical agenda and those are facts she can’t scrub from an email server.”