Bloomberg 2020? Say It Ain’t So For Our Energy Workers

Bloomberg 2020? Say It Ain’t So For Our Energy Workers

September 18, 2018

Like clockwork every four years, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg engages in a “will he or won’t he” guessing game about his White House ambitions, using the ensuing media coverage to insert his policy agenda and remain relevant.

Yesterday, the New York Times handicapped Bloomberg’s chances in 2020, noting that although he is out-of-step with Democrats on some issues – such as Wall Street and the Me Too movement – he is no different than Tom Steyer and George Soros when it comes to energy issues – and it’s our workers in the industry who stand the most to lose.

So it’s no surprise Bloomberg is spending tens of millions helping Democrats take back the House of Representatives. That’s one way to make friends, and a grateful Nancy Pelosi is heralding the former mayor, saying “His name is synonymous with excellence,” at a dinner at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. “And he knows how to get the job done,” she added.

But Bloomberg’s energy policies are pushing the fringe of the radical left. He supports cap-and-trade programs as well as carbon taxes. To put it in his own words: “if we want to reduce it, there has to be a cost for producing it.” But that cost is not just financial. That “cost” is the livelihood of countless energy workers. That “cost” is increased energy costs for a single mom trying to make ends meet. Politicians can talk in high-minded terms about “costs” but for average Americans, it’s a harsh reality.

What’s worse is Bloomberg and elites like him expect struggling Americans to live within their constraints while they jet around the country in their carbon-spewing private jets.  Remember when he said of hard-working coal miners in rural America “We will find something else for them to do”.  Pretty much shows his contempt for the men and women who power his homes and businesses.

That’s why Power The Future will hold Bloomberg and others like him accountable. Certainly jetting to the Copenhagen climate conference raises his personal profile, but it makes his admonishments to the rest of us about carbon ring hollow.

We will stand up for energy workers and call out the anti-energy policies Bloomberg espouses because they have damaging long-term consequences. Power The Future will be here to point out Bloomberg’s hypocrisy and protect Americans from these elitists and all their dangerous “good intentions.”