Biden’s Newest Climate Action Will Continue to Hurt American Families

Biden’s Newest Climate Action Will Continue to Hurt American Families

July 22, 2022

This week President Biden traveled to Massachusetts to share his most recent climate resolutions. Biden is truly desperate right now, with only six states giving him a positive rating. He is pulling out all the stops to hang onto his few remaining supporters—the eco-left.

The Washington Post reports on Biden’s newest climate plan:

“On Wednesday, the centerpiece of Biden’s announcement was a plan to open more than 700,000 acres in the Gulf of Mexico to commercial offshore wind farms, beginning with an area off the coast of Galveston, Tex., and another near Lake Charles, La…Biden also announced Wednesday that he would double the funding for a climate resilience program called Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities, or BRIC, bringing its budget to $2.3 billion.”

Currently, inflation and gas prices are at a record high. The president and his administration need to focus on helping American families instead of having them foot the bill for his climate wish list.

Power the Future, Founder and Executive Director Daniel Turner comments on Biden’s recent climate action.

“This is pure desperation on the part of President Biden and his eco-left campaign donors because they know they can’t pass a bill in Congress, and the polls tell them they’re headed for disaster this November. Apparently, when Joe Biden goes into ‘Beast Mode’ it just means massive government spending which equals our families continuing to pay the bill for his failed agenda.”