Biden’s Midnight Assault on American Energy

Biden’s Midnight Assault on American Energy

December 4, 2023

While many Americans were tucked in their beds this weekend, the Biden Administration unleashed a new assault on the nation’s energy sector during COP28 in Dubai. The new rules target American oil and natural gas producers and are the latest among hundreds of Biden’s administrative actions to push an extreme climate agenda.

The Environmental Protection Agency announcement reads, 

“EPA’s final rule leverages the latest cost-effective, innovative technologies and proven solutions to prevent an estimated 58 million tons of methane emissions from 2024 to 2038, the equivalent of 1.5 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide – nearly as much as all the carbon dioxide emitted by the power sector in 2021. In 2030 alone, the expected reductions are equivalent to 130 million metric tons of carbon dioxide – more than the annual emissions from 28 million gasoline cars. The rule would achieve a nearly 80 percent reduction below the future methane emissions expected without the rule. These reductions are greater than what was projected for the 2022 and 2021 proposals, thanks to changes that strengthen provisions to limit wasteful, polluting flaring of natural gas and analytical updates that better capture the impacts of this rulemaking.”

Once again, the Biden administration prioritizes other nations over the United States. There was no justification for officials to travel thousands of miles to unveil a measure severely impacting US energy production. As American families grapple with the effects of inflation during this holiday season, implementing this new rule will only add to the challenges hardworking Americans face.

In response to these regulations, Daniel Turner, Founder of Power The Future, didn’t mince words,

“There’s nothing more insulting than the Biden Administration jetting thousands of miles to an elitist climate summit to announce their latest attack on hard-working Americans. Joe Biden has never met an executive edict he didn’t like. Let me be clear, these actions and rules are driving up prices, no matter how much Biden tries to deflect the blame. We all should remember how Biden’s army of bureaucrats imposed new rules in the middle of the night on foreign soil. That’s as cowardly as it gets.”