Biden’s Latest Flip-Flop

Biden’s Latest Flip-Flop

May 15, 2024

This week, President Biden made a significant policy shift by announcing new tariffs on Chinese imports. This includes a notable increase in the tariff rate on electric vehicles and “strategic sectors” such as steel, aluminum, semiconductors, batteries, and solar cells. The most striking change is the tariffs on electric vehicles, which have skyrocketed from 25% to 100%. What’s ironic is that Biden, who once criticized his predecessor for using tariffs, is now relying on them.  

As Fox News reports,

“The hikes come after former President Donald Trump imposed tariffs on thousands of Chinese goods in 2018 and 2019 in response to an investigation that found China was violating U.S. intellectual property laws and coercing American companies into transferring sensitive technology to Chinese firms as a condition of gaining access to China’s market. In July 2019, then-presidential candidate Biden spoke out against Trump’s tariffs, saying at the time that “All that he’s delivered as a consequence of that is American farmers, manufacturers and consumers losing and paying more.” 

Power The Future founder Daniel Turner sums it up perfectly. This move was not for the American people but for Biden’s eco-left friends, 

“This desperate flip-flop should be seen as an admission from President Biden that his EV push is a failure. The Biden Administration has stood in the way of mining for EV metals in the United States while American EV manufacturers continue to face layoffs, all consequences of forcing something into the market that our families don’t want. This move is nothing but President Biden working to protect his green friends.”