Biden’s Land Management Nominee Collaborated with Eco-Terrorists

Biden’s Land Management Nominee Collaborated with Eco-Terrorists

June 17, 2021

Meet Tracy Stone-Manning, President Biden’s nominee to serve as director of the Bureau of Land Management.

Biden’s nominee has ties to radical eco-terrorists. In 1989, Stone-Manning sent a letter to the federal government, which warned that metal spikes had been put into trees in Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest. The goal was to prevent logging.

As Power The Future previously noted, tree spiking is a very dangerous form of eco-terrorism. In 1987, the Los Angeles Times described a separate incident of tree spiking, “A 23-year-old millworker was severely injured May 8 when a large band saw struck an 11-inch spike driven into a tree. The saw blade shattered, shooting jagged metal shards into the worker’s face, knocking out several of his teeth and tearing away part of his cheek and jaw.” 

Ms. Stone-Manning was active in Earth First, a radical environmental collective associated with civil disobedience, direct action and eco-sabotage when she became involved in the tree-spiking incident. She knew four of the five defendants in the tree-spiking case, stating, “We traveled in the same circle of friends, basically.”

The Washington Times reported on the strong opposition from the GOP on Ms. Stone-Mannning’s nomination to head the Bureau of Land Management, an agency that regulates grazing, logging, energy development and other commercial activities on 245 million acres of federal land.

Leading the opposition is Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming, the top Republican on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. He said Friday that Ms. Stone-Manning “collaborated with eco-terrorists.”

“Ms. Stone-Manning informed the committee that she had testified as part of an ‘alleged’ tree spiking case in her committee questionnaire,” the Barrasso spokesperson said. “She also said she was not the subject of any investigation. The trees were in fact spiked (parties were found guilty) and she did not disclose that she had received immunity in order to testify.”

Biden’s continued nominations of radical eco-left supporters to head top energy regulating agencies is concerning, to say the least.