Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Will Increase American Household Utility Bills

Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Will Increase American Household Utility Bills

March 31, 2021

The Biden Administration has unveiled its infrastructure plan, and as we warned you earlier, the plan is more about pushing a green agenda than building infrastructure or creating jobs.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The climate provisions are woven throughout the proposal, making Biden’s plan as much about curbing climate change as it is about rebuilding roads and bridges. The proposal seeks to deliver directly on several of Biden’s pledges on the campaign trail and in early executive orders, including establishing a clean electricity standard to move toward carbon-free power by 2035 and electrifying the entire federal vehicle fleet.

This all-out effort to increase the number of electric vehicles is especially galling, as the Biden Administration’s anti-fossil fuel agenda will result in significantly higher electricity prices.

As Fox News reported in February, Biden’s policies are designed to increase the price of fossil fuels to help make expensive renewables more competitive. The article pointed to what happened in Germany during its shift to renewables over the past twenty years. In increasing solar and wind sourcing to just 33 percent of Germany’s power mix, the country has seen its electricity prices double. Keep in mind that President Biden is calling for the United States electricity mix to be ‘carbon free’ by 2035.

For an administration that claims to care about working-class Americans, its infrastructure plan is shockingly tone-deaf to what these Americans need. They don’t need higher utility bills and more expensive fuel to get from Point A to Point B. This plan will not move the American economy forward but instead will push it back.