Biden’s Green New Deal 2.0 Gets Cold Response in New Mexico

Biden’s Green New Deal 2.0 Gets Cold Response in New Mexico

July 6, 2020

It’s clear House Democrats are pushing their new climate plan, not as a serious proposal, but to give cover to Joe Biden. Their problem is that even their own members aren’t buying into the Green New Deal 2.0.

You might recall the first version of the Green New Deal met with disaster, even among Democrats. Not a single member of the Senate voted for the bill and it’s never seen the light of day in the House. Both for good reason, they know the law spells catastrophe.

So now Democrats want you to meet the new plan, problem is it’s the same as the old plan. It’s clear Democrats are betting their new plan will sound more reasonable than the original Green New Deal, and Biden won’t look like the AOC climate puppet he seems.

The key problem for Biden, AOC and the Green New Deal 2.0 is that not all House Democrats are on board. New Mexico Democrat Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small has come out against the new plan calling it “out of touch with the reality on the ground in New Mexico.” Without a doubt, representatives in other energy-rich states will reach the same conclusion.

However, don’t expect House Democrats to listen to anyone other than their green special interests about the plan…which is why it was never meant to be taken seriously.