Biden’s Green Allies Line Up for Bailouts

Biden’s Green Allies Line Up for Bailouts

October 30, 2023

It was revealed over the weekend that John Podesta, President Biden’s Clean Energy Climate Czar, held secret meetings with an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer that receives millions in taxpayer incentives. The meetings came to light after a review of White House visitor logs and show that John Podesta met with company leaders and lobbyists, all of whom declined to comment on the discussions of the meeting. 

Fox News reports,

“According to the records, Podesta privately met with Rivian Automotive CEO Robert “RJ” Scaringe; the company’s senior policy director, Chris Nevers; its senior public policy manager, Corey Ershow; and Izzy Klein, a lobbyist for the EV maker, at the White House in June. It is unclear what Rivian officials discussed with Podesta, and both the company and the White House didn’t respond to requests for comment.”

It is no surprise electric vehicle companies are meeting with the White House. Despite the millions in government subsidies, they have received over the years, most EV companies are hemorrhaging money. Including Rivian Automotive, whose share price has fallen more than 87% since its initial public offering in late 2021.

‘”Well, Podesta has the largest slush fund, un-appropriated, probably in American history. As soon as the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) passed, Biden and company announced it was actually an investment in green energy and yet it’s not appropriated to anything, Daniel Turner, the executive director of Power the Future, told Fox News Digital. So, it makes sense that Rivian and other failing green energy companies are knocking on John Podesta’s door. The problem is that it will be sold to the American people as investment, it will be sold to the American people as combating the climate crisis,‘ Turner added.

But it is just another example of corrupt government paying off people who fund their campaigns and deciding winners and losers when, at the end of the day, the real losers are the American people who are paying astronomical amounts for basic necessities because of this Biden economy.”’