Biden’s Fracking Ban Will Only Hurt the Economy and American Energy Workers

Biden’s Fracking Ban Will Only Hurt the Economy and American Energy Workers

April 10, 2020

While many Americans celebrated Bernie Sanders’ decision to suspend his presidential campaign as a victory over the eco-left, the battle against environmental radicalism rages on. Even with the coronavirus crisis crippling the country, the now presumed Democratic nominee for president, Joe Biden, decided now was as good a time as any to continue the ongoing campaign against the energy sector.

As most citizens across this country focus on protecting their families from this invisible viral invader, Biden has promised to ban fracking upon election, despite the industry’s crucial role in the economy.

According to The Hill:

“The natural gas and oil industry supports roughly 10 million American jobs, provides $714 billion in labor income and contributes more than a $1 trillion to our GDP… Because of fracking, America is now the world’s top producer of natural gas and oil.”

The economy may currently be flatlined as the nation deals with this pandemic, but the stabilizing influence of the natural gas and oil sector will play a major role in the recovery process, so long as the industry is protected.

Energy independence, promised and provided by the Trump administration, has proven to be a boon for the country. The loss of this freedom not only threatens our economic stability, but also national security. Self-sufficiency in terms of energy and natural resources provides a stronger global economic position that allows the United States to combat aggression from China, Russia, and Iran.

Additionally, contrary to the propaganda espoused by the eco-left, the responsible development of natural gas industries has reduced emissions and our overall carbon footprint.

In a report by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in a state like Pennsylvania, the nation’s second-largest producer of natural gas, its carbon footprint has decreased by 22 percent since the switch to fracking.

“Nationwide, during that period, our carbon footprint was reduced by almost 15 percent while the economy grew at 20 percent. That powerful combination was achieved by free enterprise and without huge government mandates.”

Historically, the Appalachians and its blue-collar workers have served as the backbone that forged this country into the global superpower. The grit and work ethic of the coal miners and steel workers continues today through their descendants.

The dream of a President Bernie Sanders is dead, but his political influence survives. The corrupting concepts of the Green New Deal have corroded the left’s critical thinking. Ignoring the contradictory scientific evidence, millions of lost jobs, and neutered national security, Biden and his strategists have concluded that ending fracking will combat climate change. Voters must reject the policies of erroneous environmentalists and protect their prospective futures.