Biden’s Final Push to Try and Kill Coal

Biden’s Final Push to Try and Kill Coal

April 25, 2024

The Biden Administration has once again enacted absurd regulations that are set to try and shutter one of the last pillars of reliable energy: coal. 

As The New York Times reported

“The regulation from the Environmental Protection Agency requires coal plants in the United States to reduce 90 percent of their greenhouse pollution by 2039, one year earlier than the agency had initially proposed.”

Not only are these regulations extremely heavy-handed, but the compressed timeline they are now operating under is entirely unrealistic. The Times continued, 

“Taken together, the regulations could deliver a death blow in the United States to coal, the fuel that powered the country for much of the last century…”

These rules will not only negatively affect 42,000 American coal workers, but the entire nation will suffer from a decrease in the supply of reliable energy. You don’t have to hold a PhD in economics to know that a reduction in the supply of coal will cause energy prices to skyrocket. 

Daniel Turner, Executive Director and Founder of Power The Future, is calling on state attorney generals to act before it is too late,

“This has always been the playbook of the green movement: use the long levers of government to squeeze traditional and reliable forms of energy so hard that they have no choice but to close their doors. Ironically, the electric vehicle fantasyland of the Biden Administration has zero chance of succeeding without coal and natural gas that power the grid. With more than half of the electricity in this country produced from the fossil fuels so demonized by this administration this is the classic case of cutting off a nose to spite a face. It’s incumbent on state attorney generals and other elected officials to use every resource available, including the courts, to stop these rules dead in their tracks before they unleash untold destruction on our country.”