Biden’s EPA Gives Out Millions to Subsidize Solar in Places Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine

Biden’s EPA Gives Out Millions to Subsidize Solar in Places Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine

April 24, 2024

On Monday, the eco-left celebrated Earth Day, and the Biden Administration announced a flurry of taxpayer dollars to address climate change. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced recipients of the “Solar for All” program. The irony is that many of the recipients are in America’s least sunny states. 

The Daily Caller explains,  

“The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the sixty applicants receiving a cumulative $7 billion from the agency’s “Solar for All” program, a list which includes government agencies or other entities located in some of America’s least-sunny states, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The funding comes from the EPA’s “Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund,” a program established by President Joe Biden’s signature climate bill, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).”

States in the Northeast are recipients of millions of dollars,

“For example, the Executive Office of the State of New Hampshire received more than $43.5 million, while the Vermont Department of Public Service is being awarded nearly $62.5 million and the Maine Governor’s Energy Office is taking home $62.1 from the EPA, according to the agency. The NREL’s National Solar Radiation Database Physical Solar Model shows that New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine receive some of the least solar radiation in the country.

This is another example of how Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is just a vehicle to help fund eco-left projects. American families are dealing with record-high energy prices, and this administration is wasting millions of dollars trying to make solar energy happen in the least sunny places around the US.