Biden’s EPA Forcing Electric Vehicles on American Families

Biden’s EPA Forcing Electric Vehicles on American Families

March 20, 2024

Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized a new rule on vehicle emissions in an attempt to accelerate the electric vehicle market. The rule calls for over half of all passenger vehicles sold to be fully electric within the next six years.

Fox News reports,

“In a joint announcement Wednesday, the White House and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled the most aggressive multi-pollutant emission standards ever finalized. While the regulations target gas-powered vehicles, they are explicitly designed to push wider nationwide adoption of electric vehicles (EV) and, according to officials, are expected to ensure nearly 70% of all new car sales are zero-emissions within a few years.”

The mandate comes amid a string of bad news for EVs, including slumping sales, production cuts, less investment, and layoffs.  Other notable EV market failures over the last year include:

  • Electric vehicles made up less than 8 percent of new car sales in 2023, with demand expecting to decrease further this year. 
  • Just this week, the CEO of Hertz rental car was replaced after a failed EV adoption leading to the company losing $245 million.
  • Despite supporters touting EV sales growth in 2023, Ford still lost $5.5 billion on EVs during the same year.
  • Tesla, arguably the most popular EV manufacturer, could lose money some time in 2024 due to waning interest in EVs, according to some analysts.

“The Biden Administration is using executive orders to push this EV mandate because he knows Congress won’t pass it and because the American people don’t support it,” said Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director for Power The Future. “If EVs are as popular as Joe Biden claims, he wouldn’t have to force them through executive fiat or prop them up with taxpayer subsidies. With layoffs of workers, billions in losses, and CEOs losing their jobs, it’s clear the electric vehicle bloodbath has already begun.”