Biden’s Climate Plan Confirms Our Worst Fears

Biden’s Climate Plan Confirms Our Worst Fears

July 15, 2020

President Trump has worked hard over the last four years to bring American jobs back to the energy sector, encourage the industry to reach its full potential, and achieve energy independence for the first time in America’s history. Many fear that a Biden presidency would erase all of these accomplishments – yesterday’s unveiling of his new climate plan confirmed those fears.   

Just this morning, Daniel Turner, our very own founder and executive director, wrote in Fox News about Biden’s proposal. Not only did this piece focus on the potential consequences of Biden’s plan becoming a reality – such as considerable higher bills and taxes in a time of economic struggle – but it highlighted all of the success that America has enjoyed under President Trump. 

In 2018, the oil and natural gas industry’s total revenue rose for the third year in a row to $181 billion. The industry is projected to generate more than 2 million jobs in in the next 15 years.

President Trump’s energy policies haven’t only benefited America domestically, either.

America achieved energy independence for the first time ever under President Trump, allowing us to strengthen key international relationships and have more agency at the trade table; and America isleading the world in carbon dioxide reductions, with our own emissions reaching the lowest point since 1993. 

Biden has flip flopped on his energy policy multiple times, and yesterday’s proposal marks the third recent, multi-trillion-dollar energy plan that the Democrats have proposed. During that time, as progressives forced moderate Democrats farther and farther left, President Trump was producing real results. It’s simple: President Trump’s approach to energy is working and, especially in the midst of America’s economic recovery to Covid-19, we can’t afford to backtrack.