Biden’s Bloated Energy Bills

Biden’s Bloated Energy Bills

April 18, 2024

The White House has continued to tout President Biden’s climate agenda as a smashing success for both the planet and the consumer. Have they looked at any American’s energy bills? His progressive anti-business policies have led to energy prices have soared nearly 30% since January 2021. How is this beneficial for hardworking American families? 

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board writes,   

“By our calculation, electricity prices have increased 13 times faster under Mr. Biden than across the previous seven years.”

The Biden administration’s continuous crusade against the oil and fossil fuel industries has achieved results. It has skyrocketed prices by making it as difficult as possible for producers to create dependable and affordable energy. Instead, Biden would rather focus on providing government subsidies for ineffective solar and wind farms. 

“By driving more baseload power plants out of business, IRA subsidies will increase electric bills even more…The Inflation Reduction Act may be the biggest legislative misnomer of all time. Our friends on the left wonder why Americans are in a sour mood about the economy. Perhaps they all have solar panels.” 

Real Americans, not Biden’s climate donors, are suffering from the actions of this administration.