Biden’s Bit As A Moderate Democratic Candidate Is Over

Biden’s Bit As A Moderate Democratic Candidate Is Over

June 23, 2020

Joe Biden’s façade of being a pragmatic centrist in hopes of reaching moderates in his party and swing voters in the middle is over. “Moderate” Joe has teetered the line trying to unite the division in his party, but his campaign of gaining acceptance among the left-wing progressives has pushed his agenda and campaign to the far left.

Last month, Biden announced several policy task forces added to his campaign team designed to bring the party together. Yet, those task forces are stacked with some of the Democratic Party’s most prominent progressive elites.

It’s clear Biden is desperate for support and continues to push farther left in order to gain acceptance from the eco-extremists within his own party.

Forbes reports:

The highest-wattage name on Biden’s climate change task force is New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She has made the Green New Deal her signature legislative proposal. According to an analysis by the Heritage Foundation, even the most stripped down version of this plan could increase household electricity expenses by 14%, eliminate more than 1.4 million jobs and yield an aggregate GDP loss of $3.9 trillion by 2040. To meet the proposal’s goal of 100% renewable power would cost more than $5 trillion.

Additional members on Biden’s climate task force include Sunrise Movement co-founder Varshini Prakash, who along with AOC, endorsed outspoken progressive Bernie Sanders during the primary. Also on the taskforce is John Kerry, who helped negotiate the Paris climate agreement as President Obama’s Secretary of State.

Forbes continues:

Biden’s apparent centrism is a clever bit of salesmanship to American voters. But with the primary well behind him and his newly appointed policy task forces chock-full of progressives, this pretense of moderation will be near impossible to maintain.

Biden’s new progressive policy agenda and task force appointees signal that he is going to run for the presidency on a platform that is further left than any Democrat before him.

For the American energy sector and economy, we can only hope President Trump triumphs yet again and is able to continue advocating for the industry rather than attacking it during its recovery.