Biden’s Anti-Energy Policies Leaves New England in the Cold

Biden’s Anti-Energy Policies Leaves New England in the Cold

December 14, 2021

New Englanders are getting some bad news this December. According to the Associated Press, the region’s residents are being told to brace for potential rolling blackouts in the event of extremely cold weather:

Rolling blackouts may hit New England if there’s an extended cold snap this winter, as the regional power grid operator warns of a “precarious” situation due to snags in the natural gas supply.

Much of the grid’s power comes from burning natural gas, and right now that fuel is in shorter-than-normal supply and is subject to supply chain disruptions, said Gordon van Welie, CEO of ISO New England.

The region’s grid is often near the limit during winter months, but severe weather combined with high natural gas prices and pipeline constraints could push the grid past the tipping point and prompt mandatory usage restrictions.

In addition to potential blackouts, residents of Maine are also having to cope with increasingly expensive utility bills according to the Bangor Daily News:

Mainers will see that price surge in their electricity bills starting Jan. 1. State regulators recently approved more than 80 percent rate hikes for standard offer electricity, the default rate for those who do not buy electricity from a third party. For Central Maine Power and Versant Power customers, that means an average $30 a month extra.

Rolling blackouts, higher prices, and energy shortages. None of this is accidental. It is the result of deliberate moves by President Biden to limit access to reliable sources of energy like natural gas.

As PTF noted last month, the Biden administration has made the Green New Deal their priority since the first day in office when Biden signed an executive order to stop construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. President Biden then followed that order with another to stop new oil and gas leasing on federal land. Now, he is exploring whether to shut down the L5 pipeline running from Canada to Michigan.

The Biden administration’s energy policy is to limit America’s access to energy. This natural gas shortage is a manmade one. New Englanders and other Americans will now have to pay the price in the form of blackouts and higher prices.