Biden & World Leaders Cried about Climate Change but Ignored Real Threats of War & Poverty

Biden & World Leaders Cried about Climate Change but Ignored Real Threats of War & Poverty

March 30, 2022

President Biden, the leaders in his administration, and the left in Congress have spent the past 15 months singularly focused on climate change, even as the world teetered on brink of calamity. Through punishing regulations, executive orders, and endless attempts to pass the Green New Deal, Biden, and his allies have ignored actual global threats, – like Vladimir Putin – and instead, worked to kill America’s fossil fuel industry.

Sadly, they’re not alone. Bjorn Lomborg writes in the Wall Street Journal that this same mania has plagued leaders across the world – even as immediate threats like war and disease were ever-present.

Lomborg writes, “Weeks before thermobaric rockets rained down on Ukraine, the chattering classes at the World Economic Forum declared ‘climate action failure’ the biggest global risk for the coming decade. On the eve of war, U.S. climate envoy John Kerry fretted about the ‘massive emissions consequences’ of Russian invasion and worried that the world might forget about the risks of climate change if fighting broke out. Amid the conflict and the many other challenges facing the globe right now, like inflation and food price hikes, the global elite has an unhealthy obsession with climate change.”

He continues to highlight how these leaders’ focus on climate change came at the expense of addressing poverty.

“In the world’s poorest countries, the international community’s focus on putting up solar panels coexists with a woeful underinvestment in solutions to massive existing problems. Infectious diseases like tuberculosis and malaria kill millions; malnutrition afflicts almost a billion people; more than three billion lack access to reliable energy.”

He notes that the actual path out of poverty for much of the world is economic development and that starts with affordable and reliable energy.

He writes, “Giving the developing world affordable access to consistently available energy—which often requires fossil fuels—is the key to lifting most of the world out of poverty. Yet before the invasion of Ukraine, the developed world was racing to make fossil fuel energy more expensive and less accessible for the world’s poorest.”

America has the abundant energy the world needs. President Biden and his progressive allies need to realize that and get out of the way.