Biden Wasting More Taxpayer Dollars on Green Boondoggles 

Biden Wasting More Taxpayer Dollars on Green Boondoggles 

January 11, 2024

The Biden White House is continuing to waste taxpayer dollars on the feckless green agenda. In September, they announced the launch of the American Climate Corps through executive action to attempt to move the next generation to lesser paying “green” energy jobs instead of traditional energy. Now, the administration will hold a series of campaign stunts with listening sessions titled “American Climate Corps Listening Sessions, New Actions to Mobilize the Next Generation of Clean Energy, Conservation, and Resilience Workers.”

The White House Announcement reads, 

“Beginning in January, senior Biden-Harris Administration officials will convene a series of virtual listening sessions to hear directly from prospective American Climate Corps applicants and implementing partners, including conservation and service corps partners, labor unions, educational institutions, employer partners, and state, local, territorial and Tribal governments about their priorities for the American Climate Corps. Each listening session will last roughly 90 minutes and will provide participants with the opportunity to engage directly with Administration officials who are overseeing the initiative, as the Administration works to establish the first cohort of American Climate Corps members by next summer.”

The announcement also discusses the billions of taxpayer dollars this administration is giving away to “environmental justice.”

“In addition, EPA is leveraging historic funding from President Biden’s Investing in America agenda to increase pathways for young people into environmental justice careers through the American Climate Corps. EPA’s $2 billion Environmental and Climate Justice Community Change Grant Program announced in November includes an option for community-based organizations to propose their own Climate Corps program for youth in disadvantaged communities to pursue careers in greenhouse gas and air pollution reduction, along with other strategies to take climate action, reduce pollution, and increase community resilience. This is just one example of how the President’s Investing in America agenda is furthering the goals of the American Climate Corps.”

This is clearly just one more political ploy to please the eco-left for the upcoming. Whether it is grants or the Climate Corps, our taxpayer dollars will once again be wasted to support their re-election efforts.