Biden Remains Silent on Iran Oil Sanctions

Biden Remains Silent on Iran Oil Sanctions

October 20, 2023

Last night, President Biden spoke from the Oval Office and addressed two conflicts happening across the globe. Mentioning both the war in Ukraine and Israel’s with Hamas. But one thing the president failed to mention was the billions of dollars the United States is allowing to flow to Iran. 

President Biden made sure to mention Iran’s deadly role in supporting both Russia and Hamas yet remained silent on taking tangible steps to cut Tehran’s money pipeline. During this administration, Iran’s oil exports have grown significantly higher. Biden doesn’t hesitate to cripple our domestic energy supply but has yet to seriously enforce sanctions on Iranian oil, which speaks volumes about this administration’s policies. 

Power The Future Founder Daniel Turner calls out President Biden for hesitating to place sanctions on Iran,

“Joe Biden says money is the lifeline for our allies, but he’s silent on cutting off the illegal cash flow to Iran. It is mind-boggling to watch President Biden make the case that Iran is a central player on the wrong side in two major conflicts and yet not take action to enforce Iran’s oil sanctions. Our workers stand ready to produce the oil and revenue our allies need, but Joe Biden shockingly won’t unleash American energy.”

Last week, we called on the Biden Administration to enforce Iranian oil sanctions. And it was less than two months ago that President Biden said climate change was the biggest threat to mankind, yet he failed to mention the subject in his remarks.