Biden Plans to Start Implementing His $2 Trillion Climate Plan on His First Day in Office

Biden Plans to Start Implementing His $2 Trillion Climate Plan on His First Day in Office

January 19, 2021

President-elect Joe Biden has put climate change at the top of his funding agenda once he assumes office on Wednesday. His almost $2 trillion climate proposal will seek to reverse many of President Trump’s actions related to climate that have helped our domestic energy sector flourish. The proposal, if successful, is said to create 10 million clean energy jobs.

Business Insider reports:

The climate was also high up on the agenda during the confirmation hearing of Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen on Tuesday. Yellen told lawmakers that Biden’s infrastructure plan will involve investing in clean technology, renewable energy, promoting electric vehicle usage, and creating jobs.

“Climate change is a critical problem facing the country, and President-elect Biden is committed to a wide range of policies to address it,” Yellen said at the hearing. “And in the process, making sure that in doing that we create good jobs for American workers.”

Yellen also said that Biden is in “full support” of restoring full incentives for electric vehicles, along with ensuring workers have the skills to succeed in the electric vehicle industry.

The eco-left seems to have a disconnect from reality on the jobs they would take away with a federal government overall of our energy sector. Oil and gas employers pay almost twice as much in salary as the average U.S. job and are highly unionized. A survey showed oil and gas workers in North America had an average annual income of around $100,000.

You would think President-elect Biden, the outspoken union advocate and Pennsylvania native, would be apprehensive of putting at risk the almost 10 million jobs the oil and gas industry supports: 26,000 of those in Pennsylvania alone.

The 10 million clean energy jobs this proposal may create is incomparable to the value of the 10 million high-paying jobs our oil and gas industry currently supports.

In these times of economic uncertainty, the American people need job security and stability. American households need cheap and reliable energy. Our country needs the revenue and national security the industry secures. We hope Biden listens to the warnings of oil and gas interest groups that represent American workers across the country when moving forward with his climate agenda.