Biden is Trying to End Fracking for Good

Biden is Trying to End Fracking for Good

January 25, 2021

There was a lot of controversy surrounding President Biden’s stance on fracking throughout the campaign trail. His team consistently stated that he does not support a full ban on fracking, and the media was quick to amplify that claim. But, Biden himself was very clear about his policy position and last week’s executive orders proved his original statements to be true.

During a Democratic primary debate, CNN’s Dana Bush asked Biden: “Would there be any place for fossil fuels including coal and fracking in a Biden administration?” Biden responded, “No, we would we would work it out. We would make sure it’s eliminated.” On another occasion, Biden was explicitly asked by a voter if he would stop fracking. Biden responded, “Yes.” These are only two of the instances that explain last week’s executive orders – Biden has always wanted to end fracking.

David Harsanyi, senior writer for the National Review, recently wrote:

It’s true, as well, that Biden lied about his position, and the unskeptical press filtered his falsehood through their coverage. Even today, the easiest way to clear up Biden’s position would be for a reporter to snap out of their sycophantic trance and ask the president if he would sign an energy bill that included a national fracking ban. I assume he would, as eliminating fossil fuels is the stated policy aim.

Despite Biden’s stated position and actions last week, it’s likely that he will continue to get away with saying that he doesn’t support a fracking ban. The wordplay being used to maintain independent voters in states like Pennsylvania may be dishonest, but the real consequence is falling to workers who are now finding themselves without a job.