Biden Infrastructure Plan Would Mean the End of Natural Gas

Biden Infrastructure Plan Would Mean the End of Natural Gas

April 6, 2021

The Biden Administration’s “infrastructure” plan is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, focusing more on ‘Green New Deal’ policies while ignoring the basic energy infrastructure America needs to thrive.

In a new piece at Forbes, energy analyst David Blackmon highlights what’s in – and what’s notably missing – from the Biden Administration plan:

Essentially, what the administration has done here is include some infrastructure spending as a feature of a bill focused on other priorities, mainly because it knows the term “infrastructure” is popular with the public. For the natural gas industry, the message is clear: if this administration has its way, your business will become extinct in very short order.

Blackmon cites a new report by infrastructure project advisory firm ARBO that found that only 25% of the Biden plan’s funding would go toward infrastructure. But more interestingly, campaign promises made by Biden to invest in gas distribution systems are all but absent from the plan.

As the ARBO report concludes:

There is no mention at all of repairing or replacing natural gas distribution systems to reduce methane emissions, nor of the jobs that such a program would create. In fact, the only methane reduction program is the remaining $16 billion in the energy category for a program to plug oil and gas wells and restore and reclaim abandoned coal, hardrock and uranium mines.

It’s clear that the Biden Administration isn’t looking to renew or repair America’s energy infrastructure, but is instead looking to replace it with expensive, unreliable and frequently non-existent green energy. Natural gas has been the key to America’s economic growth over the past ten years, creating affordable energy for all. Instead of harnessing this resource, President Biden is turning his back on it and the millions of working-class Americans who have benefitted from it.