Biden Heads West to Use Recent Natural Disasters to Push His Eco-Left Policies

Biden Heads West to Use Recent Natural Disasters to Push His Eco-Left Policies

September 13, 2021

Today, President Biden heads West for a three-state tour to highlight his push to fight climate change and strengthen infrastructure, while also helping fellow Democrat and eco-activist Gavin Newsom try to hold on to California’s governorship.

As we discussed in a blog post last week, President Biden is fresh off of travel from last week to see damage from Hurricane Ida in New York and New Jersey. Ironically, we pointed out:

There’s a saying in politics, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  That motto must have been going through the head of President Biden yesterday, as he used a tour of hurricane-damaged areas in the Northeast to push his climate initiatives. 

That sentiment hasn’t seemed to change as the President heads to Boise, Idaho to visit the National Interagency Fire Center then Sacramento, California to see wildfire damage in the area. With a final stop in Long Beach, California to take part in an event for fellow eco-left spokesperson Newsom.

No crisis will go to waste on Biden’s watch. As he uses the storms and fires across the country recently to push his green agenda and call to fight global warming, calling climate change an existential threat last week

Reuters reports on the President’s trip:

On Tuesday, Biden will turn his focus to infrastructure during a stop in Denver where he will tout multitrillion-dollar legislation he is seeking to repair U.S. roads and bridges along with a swath of other domestic policy priorities.

Biden continues to use these natural disasters as an opportunity to push Green New Deal policies, which include many initiatives with nothing to do about the environment at all. Much like Biden’s infrastructure plan he will be focused on promoting at the end of his trip in Denver, which includes more of the eco-left’s wish list of GND climate policies than it does actual infrastructure initiatives.