Biden Falsely Claims that Gas Prices were Over $5 When He Took Office

Biden Falsely Claims that Gas Prices were Over $5 When He Took Office

October 28, 2022

President Biden is trying to rewrite history on energy prices. While speaking at an event, Biden falsely claimed that most Americans were paying over $5 per gallon on the day he came into office. 

Townhall tweeted the video of the statement where Biden claimed: “The most common price of gas in America is $3.39. Down from over $5 when I took office.” This statement is blatantly false.

According to Biden’s own Energy Information Administration, the average price for gas in January 2021 was $2.42. The first time the national average gas price rose above $5.00 a gallon was June of this year, 18 months after Biden became president and people were feeling the effects of his war on American energy. That means that the average gas price on the day Biden became president was less than half of what it cost at the peak of summer prices in 2022. 

“The only thing more terrible than Joe Biden’s energy failures is when Joe Biden lies about his energy failures,” said Daniel Turner, the founder and executive director for Power The Future. “President Biden knows he’s lying to you; he just believes the American people will simply buy the falsehoods he’s peddling. Joe Biden knows that the voters have energy issues in mind when they go to the ballot box soon and he will say whatever it takes to hide his failures.” President Biden’s latest false statement comes less than a day after he claimed the country is in an “historic economic recovery.” The president is trying to change his record on the economy and energy costs. The American people know better.