Biden DoE Ruling (Gasp!) Moves Alaska Gasline Project Forward

Biden DoE Ruling (Gasp!) Moves Alaska Gasline Project Forward

April 17, 2023

Late last week, the Department of Energy reapproved the export plans for the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation.  AGDC plans to build an 800-mile-long LNG pipeline from Alaska’s North Slope to Nikiski, which would not only allow for exports to Asia, but also shore up the energy and heating needs for the vast majority of Alaska’s population for decades.

In a press release sent by Power The Future last Friday, Alaska State Director Rick Whitbeck noted, “This is a significant step toward getting more jobs for our families and a boost toward getting the Alaska LNG (AK-LNG) pipeline project built.”

The ruling on AGDC’s export plans is the second bit of good news for Alaska’s development projects in six weeks.  A previous decision authorized the Willow oilfield, which will ultimately produce 180,000 barrels a day, as the nation works its way back toward energy independence.

“These approvals prove that the Biden Administration finally acknowledges the key role fossil fuels play in our energy future. It’s unfortunate that it took President Biden over two years to realize his ‘America-last’ priorities have killed U.S. jobs, empowered China and led to increased costs for American families,” noted Whitbeck. 

Alaska’s vast energy resources will continue to be under attack from radical environmentalists, even as they preach their climate message of pending planetary doom, due to a ‘crisis’ they fail to want to really fix.  If they were anything but hypocritical, they’d open Alaska to mining of critical, strategic and rare earth elements, rather than fight against each and every project.