Biden Climate Advisor Encouraging Climate Change Censorship

Biden Climate Advisor Encouraging Climate Change Censorship

June 16, 2022

This past week, White House Climate advisor Gina McCarthy admitted the Biden administration wants even more censorship from big tech. McCarthy is now encouraging companies to censor content that discusses the high cost of the transition to green energy. 

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board writes on this shocking admission:

“Comparing fossil-fuel companies to Big Tobacco, she complained that ‘dark money’ is being used to ‘fool’ the public about ‘the benefits of clean energy.’ ‘We need the tech companies to really jump in,’ she said, because highlighting the costs of green energy is ‘equally dangerous to denial because we have to move fast.’”

Or maybe the information is being shared to show the truth around ‘green’ energy and expose that it is not this magical energy source the eco-left claims it to be. 

“Merely pointing out technical limitations of lithium-ion batteries could be ‘disinformation.’ Asked whether climate disinformation posed a threat to public health, Ms. McCarthy replied ‘absolutely’ while adding hilariously that ‘President Biden doesn’t focus on, and neither do I on, bashing the fossil-fuel companies.’ 

It is disappointing to think the President of the United States does not focus on facts when promoting new policy and is actively trying to hide the cost from American taxpayers. But hiding is the new normal with the Biden/Harris administration.