Biden Blames Everyone Else for Inflation

Biden Blames Everyone Else for Inflation

May 12, 2022

Inflation is holding close to a 40-year high, with a new report out today showing inflation is at 8.3%. President Biden continues to use the same old excuses, blaming inflation on the pandemic and Putin. Inflation prices have been steadily increasing for the past year, and clearly, everything that Biden has tried to do to reverse inflation has failed. Worst among them is the administration’s obsession with green energy, which we know will make inflation worse and put the United States’ power grid in jeopardy. 

The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes:

“Mr. Biden says more green energy will reduce electricity prices. But then why have power prices increased by 11.1% in the last year? More green energy will make the grid less reliable and increase demand for gas along with diesel-powered emergency generators, as it has in California and Texas.”

The mandates the current administration continues to put on the energy sector have caused nothing but problems. The cost of fuel and food is rising and shows no sign of stopping due to mandates on ethanol. 

“Poultry producers say the ethanol mandate is driving up the cost of their feedstock. At the same time, surging corn and soy prices are discouraging farmers from planting wheat to compensate for lost exports from Ukraine. Yet the Administration wants to increase renewable fuel mandates and subsidies.”

President Biden is proving you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. His administration is very comfortable passing blame on the rising inflation and creating mandates to try and satisfy the eco-left. Unfortunately, it is the American people who will suffer the consequences.